Domain Name Pricing – TLD .Extensions

Price List for Domain Name .extensions

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This Domain Name Pricing table shows how much it was the cost to either Register, Transfer or Renew a TLD .Extension, for a 1-year minimum period. After the 1-year period, your Domain Name will automatically renew at the current ‘Renew’ price on the day of renewal. The Domain Name extension is the part after the initial domain name, for example, the ‘.com’ in

To find prices for a specific extension, it may be useful to press “Control-F” on a Windows PC or Chromebook, “Command-F” on a Mac, or “Find on Page” if on a mobile device. These prices are only correct at the time of viewing. Prices do fluctuate and are changed by the Domain Registrar.

The Top 8 are some of the most popular Domain Name TLD .extensions

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